Why custom photography you ask? Let me tell you. I offer 1-2 hour sessions for most clients and 2-4 hours for newborn and maternity portraits. For maternity and newborn shoots I usually have an assistant work with me to help out with all the additional requirements. Consultations for photo shoot can be done in person, via phone or email. I take the time to get those shots that you are going to love and if your little one just isn't feeling it that day we can shoot for another day. But you would actually be quite suprised at how much you can love those moments too. Custom photography is not cheap and you can not think of it as you are paying me a fortune per hour because there are countless hours behind the scene that you don't realize. I have tons of prep and post work like getting the studio ready(changing out backgrounds), consultations, editing before and after picture order, backing up pictures, preparing orders for delivery all of this is on top of the couple hours I have spend with you and usually takes 10-12 hours per family session.

Please let me know if you would like your photos in my studio or on location at the time you contact me. This information will help to determine the best possible days and times for your appointment.